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We're updating our website, apologies for the limited content.


The full site will be back soon but In the meantime, a brief outline of what Plastic Free Yoga is about.


PFY is about using qualities such as compassion, patience, acceptance and perseverance, that can be developed through a regular yoga practice, and applying them to the existential threat of plastic pollution.


As yogis we get on our mats and we practice, free from expectation, knowing that all we have is our decision to practice. That decision is reaffirmed each time we step on our mats and as we develop our practice through practicing. 


If 100 people started to use one less piece of plastic each day by making a conscious decision to choose a plastic free alternative, that would reduce the use of plastic in one year by 36’400 items of plastic – that may not seem a lot given the scale of the problem but it’s infinitely more than 0 and most importantly it’s the beginning of making a difference - it's practicing to be plastic free. 


Please imagine, as we have, the power of that practice being taken up by more and more people every day. If every week each those 100 people encourage one other person to start using one less piece of plastic every day, and then each of those people persuade one more person a week, then by the end of 6 months there’d be 3'322'675'200 people using one less piece of plastic a day. 


That would mean that over 23 billion less items of plastic would have been used in that 6 months, that huge numbers of people would have started to use plastic free alternatives and that the world would be a slightly better, less plasticky place.


Easy to dismiss as unrealistic but, when I started practicing yoga, almost all the postures seemed improbable to me. Honestly, many still do, and yet I keep turning up to my mat to practice, reaping the benefits of the practice I do have, a practice that continues to develop and reward me, irrespective of the how close, or far I am from enlightenment.


Please join us in making a commitment to practicing to be plastic free, one day at a time, one item at a time. 


Thank you  



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If you’re interested to support the organisation and to help increase awareness, (we’re a not for profit, directing profits to plastic clean-up organisations) please consider ordering one of our t-shirts to wear.

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