Plastic Free Yoga's goal is to help eliminate plastic, from our practice and from our daily lives.


There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who practice yoga and whilst each of us has our own individual approach to our practice, we all share in the realisation that in some way, at some level, we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. The surest way of feeling and understanding this connection could be through nature itself. This planet welcomes us so that we can live here a while. We are, in a way, guests and in return we want to offer earth our utmost respect.The significance and power of this realisation can help us to address one of the major pollution problems in our world today - plastic !

Plastics pollute nature, endanger wildlife and natural systems. They enter the food we eat and the air we breathe.

The idea for addressing plastic pollution through yoga started from an appreciation of just how much plastic there is in our daily yoga practice. Despite some great non-plastic alternatives, yoga is awash with plastic; various types of plastic mats, plastic foam blocks, and plastic infused clothing. Plastic is everywhere and we need to act now to turn off the flow of plastic into yoga and into our daily lives.

You can read our blog post about the lessons that yoga offers us that relate to pollution. But, simply put, as connected and conscientious yoga practitioners we need to do all we can to stop the catastrophic damage that plastic pollution is doing to the planet, starting with yoga itself.

Changing our dependance on plastic is a challenge but as yoga practitioners we are used to challenges. Our practice teaches us the importance of consistency and the value of focusing on the small things we are doing in the present moment. 'Practice and all is coming' can be applied just as well to the practice of reducing plastic in our daily lives as it does to our yoga practice. 

We support and promote 'Plastic Free Yoga' and 'Less Plastic ... More Yoga' through the sale of our t-shirts and vests. Please support us by purchasing a t-shirt, wearing it in class and helping to spread the idea of Plastic Free Yoga. All profits will be used to provide or support plastic clean up and awareness initiatives.