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Apologies, this page isn't quite as we'd like it at the moment. We're updating it to add lots more information about the wide variety of non-plastic yoga mats that are now available; cork yoga mats, cotton yoga mats, rubber yoga mats, jute yoga mats...

Not only are all these alternatives non-plastic and biodegradable, they are also superior in performance to plastic yoga mats.

E.g. - Cork yoga mats are made from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree (Quercus suber). These trees grow for several hundred years and the cork is harvested every 7 years.  The trees are never cut down or damaged to harvest the cork and, an added benefit is that, after the cork has been harvested the Oak Cork Tree captures more CO2 from the atmosphere.

Cork yoga mats feel and smell natural. They are antibacterial and actually get grippier the sweatier they get - ideal for hot yoga classes and for anyone who generates a lot of internal heat in their practice.

Please come back to this page very soon for more information about non-plastic yoga mats.

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