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Yoga Equipment

Yoga blocks are an essential part of most practices and we are all too familiar the seemingly innumerable, brightly coloured, plastic foam yoga blocks; but there are alternatives, made from sustainable, renewable resources which create durable, biodegradable, non-plastic yoga blocks.


Cork Yoga Block.jpg


Cork blocks are completely biodegradable and are free from toxins, PVC, TPE and other plastics.

The cork is antibacterial, water resistant and non-slip, so ideal for those sweaty yoga classes.

Cork blocks are slightly heavier than foam blocks but are sturdy and provide great stability.


Solid Wood

Solid wood blocks can be made of various woods, from the really quite heavy, maple blocks to the astonishingly light, balsa wood blocks.

Wooden blocks are made from sustainable and renewable resources and will outlast every other type of yoga block - wooden yoga blocks for life !

wooden box block.jpg

Wood Box

Wooden box blocks are lighter than the solid wood versions and can be made from the same wide range of woods, pine, maple, balsa, bamboo are popular options all of which are sustainable and renewable resources.

Solid, robust and stable, hollow wooden blocks are an excellent alternative for any yoga practitioner.

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