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Yoga Mat and Straps


We don't sell anything on this site other than our lovely t-shirts and vests which you can purchase to help support and promote this project, 

Unfortunately for all of us looking to make environmentally sensitive choices, there's a lot of mis-information out there as some businesses 'greenwash' their products in a attempt to align with the zeitgeist. 

Happily, there are an increasing number of businesses that produce and supply high quality, genuinely plastic free, yoga props. These product pages aim to share information about non-plastic yoga props. We will continue to add more information as it becomes available so the pages grow and develop as an information resource.


A yoga mat is an essential item for most peoples' practice. Whilst things are improving  are there are an increasing number of options, we need to keep moving forward and end the use of plastic mats in favour of the excellent natural alternatives - read more



A vital part of most peoples' yoga practice. However we use blocks, for  for sitting, standing or balancing, there are several better alternatives to ubiquitous plastic foam blocks - read more


Lycra leggings, shorts and tops are commonplace in almost any yoga class but there are great plastic free products that will keep you looking great whilst not polluting the planet - read more 


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