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Yoga is our starting point, and through applying the principles of a yoga practice to the problem  of plastic pollution, together we can make a real difference. Therefore, Plastic Free Yoga is firmly rooted in the practice of yoga, so we organise plastic free yoga sessions to help promote a plastic free practice, on and off our mats. 

We also try to help promote and support events that have a similar approach and seek to bring the benefits of our yoga practice into our daily lives ...

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Yoga on Beach

Yoga Classes

Sharing our passion for practicing yoga and for taking our practice beyond our mats to enhance our daily lives.

Yoga studios and yoga teachers - we'd love to work with you to organise a Plastic Free Yoga class in your local area.

Image by Kaylee Garrett

Yoga Clean 

Combining a yoga practice with a plastic clean up practice - something good for us and good for the environment all in one go !

Plastic Bag on Beach

Clean up 

Sometimes we just need to roll up our sleeves and start picking up the plastic scattered all around us - so we organise clean up sessions where they are most needed.

If there's a location near you that's covered in plastic, let us know and we'll organise a clean up session.

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