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The Leap


What is a commitment to Plastic Free Yoga?


You are committing to Plastic Free Yoga – what does that mean, what does it involve?


It’s a commitment to a direction and an intention, so there may not be immediate, major changes. We’re hoping that nobody is going to rush to simply throw away any existing plastic mats, plastic blocks etc. These items exist, as they’re made of plastic they always will, so we should use them for as long as possible. However, there’s a firm commitment to not purchase any more plastic props in the future, thereby turning off the flow of plastic.


The first things you’ll probably notice are the little things, no more plastic bottles in the shower, no more plastic water bottles, etc.


‘Practicing to be plastic free’ is about moving in the direction of being plastic free and, just as in your yoga practice, it requires commitment to that practice. Stepping on to your mat is a conscious decision to pursue your yoga practice. A commitment to Plastic Free Yoga is a commitment to making conscious decisions to keep moving towards reducing our plastic consumption, in yoga and in our daily lives.


Please join us in committing to Less Plastic … More Yoga.

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